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General Wade Eiling was a military officer associated with the Captain Atom Project and its namesake hero. He later had his brain transplanted into the body of the original Shaggy Man and became The General.

Wade Eiling is a U.S. general in charge of the top-secret experiment known as "The Captain Atom Project". The goal of this experiment was to create the most advanced weapon the world had ever seen, under the direct control of the United States. Eiling soon found the perfect genie pig for this dangerous project, which came in the form of military prison Nathaniel Adam. The unfortunate Adam had been framed for a crime he did not commit and was, under military justice, condemned to death. In exchange for a Presidential pardon Adam accepted Eiling’s offer, and the experiment began. The result of the project successfully turns Adam into the nuclear meta-human known as Captain Atom.[1]

To keep the origin of Captain Atom a secret from the rest of the world, Eiling helps create the cover story of him being a new superhero. Unfortunately, Adam’s was not used to his new powers, and an excess absorption of energy would involuntarily fling him almost twenty years into the future. Undaunted, Eiling and his scientists would attempt the experiment again, which led to the creation of Major Force, a murderous psychopath under their direct control. During the eighteen years in which Adam was gone, Eiling married and would go on to father two children. After Adam's return, Eiling was able to manipulate him into serving under the U.S. in exchange for seeing his family again. Adam is sent on a mission to retrieve a lost submarine, but the mission is a failure, greatly embarrassing Eiling in front of his superiors.  

Fall from Grace

Later, fate delivers a heavy blow to Eiling when he is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Devasted and unwilling to accept his fate, Eiling hatches a bold plan to save himself. He sends a group of his best soldiers to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, instructing them to retrieve the body of the indestructible monster the Shaggy Man. Justice League members Green Lantern and Aquaman attempt to stop this, but they fail, and the monster is delivered to Eiling.[2]

From deep in his base of operations, Eiling orchestrates a full-scale military assault on the Justice League. While answering a call for help in Arizona, the Justice League suddenly find themselves attacked by American military forces. Spearheading the assault is a new superhero team called the Ultramarine Corps, artificial meta-humans genetically enhanced by Eiling's lab team. While this battle rages, Batman, the Huntress and Plastic Man manage to track down Eiling. Once there, the heroes discover that the general has transferred his brain patterns into the indestructible body the Shaggy Man and took his own life. Eiling's personal computer reveals his military plans, the flawed Ultramarine Project, and blueprints detailing the brain transfer. Eiling suddenly emerges from an adjoining room, now in the shaved body of the Shaggy Man and calling himself the General.  

Meanwhile, the other members of the JLA continue their battle against the military and the Corps. The fight ends when Superman detects the Ultramarines are all terminally ill. The heroes are able to confirm these diagnoses and persuade the Ultramarine Corps that Eiling has used and betrayed them. The Corps members, who volunteered for service in good faith, switch sides and speed with the JLA toward Threshold. Even against the combined might of the JLA and the Ultramarines, the General is unstoppable. Thankfully, Batman notices that Eiling's tactical edge and focus are diminished in his new artificial form. Working together, the team fights the monster onto a bulk-matter teleport platform. Eiling is then transported to 433 Eros, a 'rocky needle', six miles in length, at the heart of the Sol system's asteroid belt.[3]

Injustice Gang

He stays there for several months until Queen Bee recruits him into Lex Luthor's new Injustice Gang. Eiling battles against the Justice League a second time as part of a coordinated attack, this time utilizing a large-scale machine gun. At least once he declares that the League was wrong to banish him to the asteroid with no trial whatsoever. During the battle, Eiling almost bites off Steel's hand. The battle moves to one of the White Martian warships that is currently inside the Phantom Zone. There, Eiling states his plan to utilize the weapons of mass destruction on various Earth itself. Orion's war dog Sturmer participates in a trick against Eiling. The canine tackles the man through a ship's airlock, into the Phantom Zone, where Eiling is lost for some time.[4] 

Suicide Squad

It is later revealed that Eiling somehow escaped his fate, as he seen amongst the hundreds of villains recruited into the Society. The General next participates in the Battle of Metropolis, which was the first step of the Society's war on the heroes of Earth. Despite the combined effort of the villains, the heroes manage to defeat them. Soon after, the General became a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of supervillains working for the U.S. Government, under the command of Amanda Waller. Eiling eventually tried to betray Waller and the members of the Squad who were loyal to her. However, his plan was foiled when Rick Flag managed to activate the explosive chip inside Eiling's brain. Thanks to the powers of the Shaggy Man, Eiling survived this, but suffered from slight amnesia.[5] The General was then taken into custody and kept under tight security in Belle Reve. The General was later freed, and participated in the events of Salvation Run, capturing supervillains, and banishing them to an alien planet.  


  • Unique Physiology: In the body the Shaggy Man, Eiling had an incredibly powerful physiology which compensated for his increased mass, strength, and other abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength: The General incredibly strong, capable of fighting any meta-human, even Superman, to a standstill. He can easily uproot and destroy skyscrapers, battle entire teams of superhumans, and fight another Shaggy Man in the vacuum of space.
  • Invulnerability: In his new body, Eiling is resistant to almost any form of attack. He can withstand a combined attack from high-ranking superhumans, extreme temperatures, high pressures, and even the vacuum of space.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Upon possessing the Shaggy Man’s body, nothing seems to slow the General down. His abilities allow him to fight for days with no signs of exhaustion.
  • Adaptation: In his new body, Eiling constantly adapts to any assault made against him. After he experiences one form of attack, he learns how to resist it in the future
  • Regeneration: The Shaggy Man's body possesses enhanced salamander regenerative tissue and a subverted nervous system. This allows Eiling to heal from any injury in a matter of moments and not having any pain detract him from his missions.
  • Superhuman Speed: Eiling is surprisingly quick for a man of his size. Despite his massive frame, he's much faster than the finest human athlete. With him even able to surprise Superman in how quick he is.
  • Self-Sustenance: The Shaggy Man was a bio-organic lift form. Due to this unique physiology, Eiling no longer needs to worry about food, water, rest, or even oxygen.
  • Immortality: Now in body of an artificial life form, Eiling no longer ages.


  • Leadership: Wade Eiling is a 4-star general for the U.S. Military, making him an excellent and capable leader. He is a remarkably intelligent man and master strategist, as shown by his ability to plan and orchestrate a wide-scale attack against the Justice League. However, this is often mitigated by his lack of care regarding the safety of other people, even his own men.  
  • Tactical Analysis: He's very good at analyzing a situation for what it is, he can take advantage of almost any situation. This is demonstrated when he was able to successfully transplant his mind into the body of indestructible Shaggy Man.  
  • Marksmanship: Thanks to his military career, Eiling is an excellent shot with almost any firearm. After becoming the General, he can wield firearms of enormous size and power.  
  • Military Protocol: Eiling has a thorough knowledge of all forms of military protocol.


  • Diminished Intellect: Much to Eiling’s misfortune, he soon found that his mind is not compatible with Shaggy Man's artificial body. His mind began to steadily devolve, turning Eiling into a bloodthirsty monster, just like the original Shaggy Man.
  • Vulnerability to Hypnosis: Like the original Shaggy Man, Eiling has no protection against hypnosis.

  • Considered a "Planetary-Level Threat" by the JLA.[6]



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