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Not to be confused with Anakronus.

Anachronos is in reality the Walker Gabriel of an alternate timeline.

This particular timeline was created when the mainstream Walker Gabriel went back in time and tried to change his own personal history. (Whether this is something that would occur in each case where someone tried to change his or her own history is something that is not yet known.) In addition to creating an alternate timeline, the mainstream Gabriel also inadvertently created a duplicate of himself who was aware of how he and his timeline were created…and this duplicate wanted nothing more than to stop this timeline from ever coming into being. Thus, the alternate Gabriel applied himself to becoming both a warrior and a scientific genius, and, as Anachronos, set out to travel through time himself so as to stop the mainstream Gabriel from altering his own history and thus creating the timeline that Anachronos hailed from. This in itself is something of a puzzlement, as it would also mean the erasure from time of Anachronos himself; how the villain planned to survive this is not known.

Ultimately, the two Gabriels met in combat, and Anachronos was destroyed. However, it has been proven that any action automatically creates alternate timelines in which the action did not take place or had different outcomes. Therefore, it is more than likely that additional versions of Anachronos still exist in a multitude of alternate timelines…and it is very possible that one or more of them could surface at some point in time to make more trouble for the mainstream Walker Gabriel.


  • He is an enemy of Chronos II.