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Quote1 Mankind is here to be God's lab rats, so God can continue to learn and, through God, man learns too. And God's in each of us. And as we serve each other, we serve Him too. Quote2
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Wally Johnson, also called Wally the God-Boy, is a mysterious boy who claims he's God. If he isn't, he's at least got a unique, diverse and potentially powerful set of powers. He had a series of run-ins with Supergirl and her friends and family in Leesburg.

According to his grandfather, Wally never knew his father, and his mother died in childbirth. He was taken in by his aunt and uncle, who perished in a fire when Wally was three. Around the time of The Final Night, he started proclaiming he was God - a combination of all different gods, melded by the collective consciousness of humanity.[1] According to Wally, his grandfather doesn't exist, he just created him to serve as a cover story for his low profile.[2]

Don't ask him to perform miracles like hurling lightning bolts or turning water into wine (or a Budweiser).[1] In a world where Metamorpho can transmutate elements, Martian Manhunter can change form, Weather Wizard can change the weather and Aquaman has telepathy, nothing he can do would make him stand out.[2]


Other Characteristics


  • Baseball Bat: He carried a baseball bat instead of a terrible swift sword because a sword is kinda showy.[5] His baseball bat is able to deflect fireballs.[7]