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Quote1.png I will Barry. I swear. No matter what that twisted version of you is after. He'll pay for what he's done. Quote2.png
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Wally West succeesed Barry Allen as the Flash.

Wally West was the nephew of Iris West. After the Reverse Flash escaped from Iron Heights prison, both Wally and Iris went looking after him in hopes of calming him down. However, the destruction to the roads that had been caused from Reverse Flash's escape prevented this, causing their car to flip over, killing the two. Having knowledge of this, a version of Flash from thirty years in the future sought to prevent this.

After saving Wally and Iris, the future Flash battled with his past self as he knew he needed to defeat him first to repair the Speed Force. As the two battled the younger Flash used a feedback of the Speed Force to send the future Flash into an unknown time point in the time stream. Wally was close enough to be caught in the explosion which gave the powers of super-speed.

It had, on the other hand killed the younger Flash. As he died Wally promised to prevent the future version of the Flash from accomplishing his goal of repairing the Speed Force.[1]

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  • Speed Force Conduit: After being hit by an explosion of Speed Force lightning, Wally gained access to the Speed Force - a mysterious cosmic force that pushes time and space itself forward.
    • Superhuman Speed: Wally is capable of moving at incredible speeds. While running, he can only be perceived as a blur [2]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Wally's body can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for long periods of time without out getting tired or weak.[2]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Wally possesses reflexes far greater than a normal human being. His great reflexes have allowed him to easily react to other speedsters.[2]
    • Superhuman Agility: Wally's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows him to easily maneuver while moving at superhuman speed.[2]
    • Speed Force Aura: As explained by Barry Allen, a speedsters body is surrounded by a "friction cushion", which provides light protection from the nastier elements of their speed, including friction, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and the like.[3]
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to his protective Speed Force Aura, Wally is capable of resisting kinetic impact forces that could easily deal great harm to a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries.[2]
    • Electrokinesis: Wally's body generates large amounts of Speed Force energy that manifests itself as red electricity. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of him as an electrical aura.[2]
      • Energy Absorption: Wally is capable of absorbing the Speed Force energy from other conduits of the Speed Force.[2]
    • Enhanced Senses: Speed Force conduits traveling at the speed of sound may miss important events as they run by. The Speed Force grants Wally enhanced senses that allow him to see, hear, smell, touch and/or taste at an increased speed and understand it as it is processed.[2]



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