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Quote1.png Once he was a lowly reporter, rummaging through people's garbage looking for big stories... then, he won super-powered gizmos in an 'n' card game and became - Wally... the amazing Tortolini-man! Quote2.png
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Wally Tortolini is a New York gossip journalist.

Looking to uncover the secrets of the Justice League International, he was not above digging through their garbage bins in disguise. Guy Gardner, who discovered him, mistook him for a homeless man.[1]

Later, with a completed manuscript of his expose, Wally approaches Spy! magazine, but it is rejected because Vivian D'Aramis (actually the Crimson Fox) used her influence to pull the piece as it would ridicule her new team.[2]

After a string of rejections, Wally finds himself face to face with Sonar, an escaping villain on the run from the JLI who brings him to the Dark Side Bar, a safe haven for villains.

During a game of high-stakes poker Wally finds himself winning several of the villains' weapons.[3]

Empowered by the weapons he launches a rampage against the city but before he can properly get started an army of agents request his secret-ridden notebook and the two forces battle. The villains whose weapons are being used all run to the scene to clear their names and save their reputations.

Though the villains are incarcerated, so too is Wally.[4]





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