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Wally West or Kid Flash was a member of the Teen Titans and also one of its founding members.

Similarly to his main counterpart, Wally was a founding member of the Teen Titans and regularly joined them on missions where they fought against evil villains.

During one mission, Wally in his Kid Flash costume was seen dealing with various soldiers.

Later, at Teen Titans HQ, Wally announced that he was leaving and stated that he had never wanted to be a Titan in the first place while going on to say he thought he needed a hard dose of reality right now and he also needed to return to college full-time.

He later embraced Donna Troy, with Donna confirming that he was invited to her wedding.

Seconds later, Dick Grayson announced that he too was giving up his Robin costume and returning to civilian life.

Later, when Terra or "Gaia" attempted to fight Grayson, Wally, donning his Kid Flash costume rescued him and informed him that the Teen Titans Tower was gone and that Terra had killed her teammates.

The two then rallied together and with Grayson now wearing his Robin costume once again while shouting the battle cry, "Titans Together!", the two faced off against Terra but weren't able to fight back against her.

Seconds later, Wally along with Grayson were impaled by two rock swords Terra had created with Wally's dying words being that he should have been faster before Wally succumbed to his fatal wound and died.



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