Walter "Walt" Arnold was the football coach of Smallville High School.

Arnold was hired to coach the Smallville Crows around 1976. Over the next 25 years, Walt coached the team to frequent victories and championships. Most people in Smallville thought he walked on water. However, there were darker sides to his nature. If a player screwed up on the field, Walt could become enraged and hit the player, then threaten to cut the player if he talked. Walt also had no problem bending the rules of the school to ensure that his team would win. This included supplying players with the answers to tests.

In 2001, Walt was seeing his 200th victory come up. However, things had begun to change around Smallville High. The school had a new principal, James Kwan, who refused to look the other way with Walt's methods. Furthermore, Chloe Sullivan, a freshman and wannabe journalist, began investigating him and writing negative articles about his behavior.

Walt's long time with the team had earned him a private sauna. Unbeknownst to him, some of the stones in it were meteor rocks. Prolonged exposure to the meteor rocks resulted in Walt's body becoming mutated and he developed pyrokinesis, that linked itself to his anger. With this new ability, Walt tried to kill both Kwan and Sullivan, but failed. Walt was soon confronted by Clark Kent, whom Walt tried to fry, but Kent proved invulnerable. Becoming angrier, Walt set the area around him on fire and burned himself to death.



  • Power Limitation: While being pyrokinetic, Coach Arnold wasn't fire proof and burned himself to death as a result.

  • Walt Arnold was played by Dan Lauria.
  • Walt Arnold was the first Metahuman to die within the series.



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