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Quote1.png I deny my creators. They have tried to make me feel as If I am nothing. But I am not nothing. For what they have tried to do... they are nothing. Cogito ergo non es! I think...therefore...you are not! Quote2.png
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Wanda is the Wonder Woman, an alien weapon of peace exiled from her own planet.

On the planet known as Gotham, its native inhabitants devoted their life to purely pursuits by halting their aging at relatively youthful states through genetics. Unfortunately, this endeavor significantly altered the sexes of the Gothamites, in which the males became war-like brutes called "Beast Boys" and the females becoming ethereal, cerebral beauties with highly developed psionic powers called "Elemental Girls". The result was a gender-based civil war that lasted for ages. An Elemental Girl scientist named Lena Thorul realized the futility of the conflict and that the Gothamites were a stronger race when the genders coexist with one another. Thorul pursued in creating a symbol of what the Gothamites could be if they were united as a people, in which she named the being Wanda. Using outlawed technology, Thorul created Wanda to have powers that greatly succeeded the Elemental Girls, and a very advanced intellect with information of hundreds of civilization (including Earth) and the most esoteric thoughts. Thorul was uncertain of Wanda's powers could accomplish but had her theories that even frightened her.

Wanda was assigned with a robot trainer Woo-Z Winks by Thorul to learn in the arts of war and was given a weapon called Bahtarang, which was developed from merging of the two weapons the Gothamites used. However, Wanda have the downside of distracting herself in her thoughts and she is only content to battle purely on instinct.

When Thorul presented Wanda to the Gothamites in the hopes of unity between the sexes, her plan did briefly unite them; however, only in that they agreed that Wanda was an abomination and killed Thorul on the spot. Wanda was forced to flee Gotham with Woo-Z Winks as the Gothamites dispatched their representatives Ferro and Gar to eliminate her. Wanda fled to Earth, where she crash landed in Las Vegas. Reporter Lori Lemaris and her cameraman "Ambush" Bug were happened to be present when Wanda exited out of her damaged spacecraft, and Lemaris proceeded to interview her; in which during the exchange Wanda calls herself "Wonder Woman". Wanda shortly then fought her assassins just as Woo-Z Winks explains to the reporters about Wanda's history. During the battle, Wanda demonstrated the height of her powers in which she removed her assassins from existence by pure thought alone, as if they were never born. The removal of her assassins also changed history, in which the assassins now never went after Wanda and the brawl inflicted in Las Vegas never happened. Only Lori Lemaris and her cameraman were the only other individuals aware of what transpired, as Woo-Z Winks shielded them from the temporal changes. Wanda and Woo-Z Winks then left for parts unknown.


  • Alien Physiology: Wanda is the product of genetic engineering aimed to unite the two species that live on her homeworld, thanks to her unique DNA she exceeds the abilities of both species.



Despite her advanced intellect, Wanda allows herself to battle purely on instinct and consequently her mind becomes lost in deep philosophical thought.


  • Bahtarang