Wanda Durst, known to the underworld as Gorgeous, is a master manipulator who joined the Stormwatch P.H.D. as a profiler.

Wanda Durst grew up in an abusive family where both parents were violent and randomly aggressive. Like other kids growing up in this type of environment, Wanda became hypervigilant, a survival mechanism enabling people to 'read' other people's behaviors. As she grew up, she had expensive cosmetic surgery done to make her look beautiful and gained a master's degree in psychology. She became independently wealthy due to a string of supervillain ex-boyfriends and her immense intellectual skill used to manipulate them.

Wanda specialized in being a moll for post-human criminals, and made a living out of leeching off them. Among them was Russian crimelord Grigori Tataryn, the Walking Ghost. Being increasingly associated with superhumans as she rose up the ladders of her 'profession' as a moll, she even acquired a code-name of sorts, as the underworld started referring to her as Gorgeous. With her knowledge of post-human criminals and psychology, she was offered a job on Stormwatch PHD as a metahuman profiler. But also due to her connections to the Walking Ghost for his involvement in the New York City massacre. Initially Jackson King tried to intimidate her, but instead he offered her an obscene amount of money and a chance to show everyone how intelligent she really was.

Following the events of Armageddon, Wanda's activities are unknown, but according to one anecdote, she became deeply involved with the Monstrosity and they are comfortably living in a house somewhere amidst the apocalyptic world where the Monstrosity keeps her safe from marauders.[1]


  • Hypervigilance: A survival mechanism enabling her to read other people.
  • Master Manipulator: Using a mixture of her hypervigilance and her degree in psychology, she can easily manipulate others into following her orders.



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