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Wanda Mann is a friend of Barbie.

Wanda grew up in the wrong body and the wrong family. She grew up a typical boy named Alvin - toys, girls, comics, and was especially fond of Hyperman and Weirdzo Lila Lane. However, in her teens, she realized things weren't clearcut. She ran away to New York City, and stopped talking to her parents. Her aunt Dora occasionally talked to her, but was not supportive of her life either.

She moved into the same tenement building as Barbie, Thessaly, Hazel and Foxglove. She helped Thessaly with stopping the Cuckoo from harming Barbie, though she stayed on the sidelines. She could not stomach the ritual Thessaly performed on George, and could not participate in the moon ritual because of her biology. She stayed behind to guard Barbie's comatose body while the others went into the Dreaming and the Land.

A storm - later classified as Hurricane Lisa - picked up suddenly, and grew heavier over time. Wanda was left behind in the building with George's animated face, which questioned her gender identity (but could not budge her), and Maisie Hill, an old homeless woman, who told her of her grandson, who was very much like Wanda. The storm eventually grew so powerful the walls could not keep it out. The building collapsed, killing Wanda and Maisie.

Wanda was buried in her hometown. Barbie attended the funeral, and placed a copy of Hyperman on her coffin. She also crossed out the "Alvin" on the gravestone, and replaced it with "Wanda".