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Wang Baixi is the Bat-Man of China, a member of the Justice League of China.

Made in China

Wang Baixi, or as he would be known in Western notation, Baixi Wang, was selected by the Chinese Ministry of Self-Reliance to become their equivalent of the United States of America's Batman. He then designed several pieces of equipment for The Ministry of Self-Reliance's Justice League of China initiative. One night, he and Wonder-Woman were called by Doctor Omen to sedate the New Super-Man. Using inhibitors that he designed, Baixi was able to take him down. The three were later assigned to investigate a break in to a business owner's home by a super-villain named Sunbeam. Much to Baixi's amazement, Super-Man played a key role in Sunbeam's arrest. He and Wonder-Woman then tried to leave the scene when the media arrived, and were both exasperated when Super-Man revealed to them his secret identity.[1]

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