"The Flash: The Big Freeze!": This story is reprinted from The Flash #114.

Wanted #8 is an issue of the series Wanted (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1973.

Appearing in "The Flash: The Big Freeze!"

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  • Monte Throop




Synopsis for "The Flash: The Big Freeze!"

This story is reprinted from The Flash #114.

During a road trip to the State Prison, Iris tells Barry Allen about a rival reporter writing a series of articles on Captain Cold. Barry remembers their previous encounter which ended with Snart's (Captain Cold) incarceration.[1]. Cold petitioned for early release and Iris is a witness at his parole hearing giving testimony why he should remain in prison. She wishes The Flash could also testify against Captain Cold and Barry offers his help in persuading The Flash. The hearing concludes and denies Snart's request for parole.

A week after the hearing, Captain Cold builds a miniature freeze machine out of refrigerator parts and escapes from the state prison. After Barry learns of his escape, he searches for him in the Southwest based on a tip that Cold was there. The tip turned out to be a trick to get him out of Central City though.

Captain Cold arrives at the home of Iris Wes and proposes to her. When Iris rejects his proposal, he freezes the entire city and demands that she reconsider. The Flash realizes that his search in the Southwest was a ruse and returns to Central City. Upon his arrival, he confronts Captain Cold and the two men battle. Cold's ice mirages and ice traps proved challenging, but The Flash ultimately prevails. After returning the city to normal, The Flash remands Leonard to the authorities.

Later, Iris relates this incredible story to Barry who feigns ignorance.

Appearing in "Doctor Fate: Mr. Who's Giant Spider"

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Hadow (a wealthy businessman)


  • Mister Who (First appearance) (Apparent Death)
    • henchmen


Synopsis for "Doctor Fate: Mr. Who's Giant Spider"

This story is reprinted from More Fun Comics #73.

Dr. Fate encounters Mr. Who for the first time. Mr. Who has invented and taken Solution Z, which transforms him from a stunted weakling into a large strong man, and energizes him with super-human powers (including regeneration of lost limbs, ability to grow gigantic, and invisibility). He and his art-museum-robbery gang encounter Dr. Fate, who disrupts two armed robberies and catches several henchmen, with Mr. Who escaping, both times, with expensive loot. Fate tracks down Who, and confronts him in his laboratory, fisticuffs ensue, and Fate is left, stuck in a giant cobweb, (but unsupervised), at the mercy of a giant spider. Fate sends rays of pure force beating outward from him until the spider is stunned, then strangles it with its own web. Who ends up fleeing in a speedboat, out onto a large body of water, with Dr. Fate in aerial pursuit. There is a short scuffle, punctuated at the end by Dr. Fate hurling Mr. Who right through the hull of the boat.


  • The Doctor Fate story is actually untitled. The title given herein is taken from the index of this comic on the Grand Comics Database and is used for purposes of identification.


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