Wardell Chambers was a former mercenary partner of Slade Wilson. After his presumed death, Wardell was captured by the enemy and tortured. He was eventually infused with meta-human blood, which gave him the power to control the minds of others. He used his newfound power to escape, and began developing a plan to seek revenge on Slade, who he believed left him for dead.[1]

After a brief run with the League of Assassins, he was captured and joined the Suicide Squad. He was killed in a fight with the Church of Blood. [2]


Mental control After receiving a metahuman blood transfusion by the revolutionary army of Kahdaq Wardell, he demonstrated the ability to control the minds of others, using it first to escape his captivity in Kandaq, then proceeding to have the members of the army who tortured him kill each other. , also using it to control Rose Wilson.

Mental illusions He showed great ability to create illusions. He used them for the first time to trick Jason Todd into retiring from the fight by showing him a realistic illusion of Batman which asked him to follow him to help him in Gotica. He also used it on several occasions against Rose making him believe that his father was the same by making Rose attempt to kill his father on multiple occasions.

Telepathy He demonstrated the ability to communicate mentally with people at a great distance by communicating with Rose that he was in Nanda Parbat while he was in the hiding place of the council of Nova.



He showed impressive capabilities for combat, facing the considered best mercenary in the world Deathstroke equally, wounding him at various times in a knife fight and breaking his helmet by punching him by bleeding from his mouth and also defeating another. combat expert as is Rose Wilson in combat.

Swordmanship He is an expert in the use of the sword demonstrating fencing skills when he used the same sword with which he was stabbed with great skill managing to easily overcome, defeat and hurt an expert using these as Rose Wilson is to then proceed to defeat a Deathstroke badly wounded easily being about to kill him until he was interrupted by the arrival of Jericho and Ras'al'ghul.

He has great skill with weapons facing Red hood and Deathstroke demonstrating great pressure and agility in the use of revolvers also using these to defend against the league of assassins.



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