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Quote1 This isn't the Old Gotham. There are no more ways in and out, no swinging doors... I learned the error in that hard way, long ago. As did my family. Quote2
Warden Wayne src

This incarnation of Bruce Wayne hails from a Dark Multiverse reality where he became the Warden of the Blackgate Penitentiary.

At some point in time, Bruce Wayne stopped being Batman after the death of his family. He chose to become the new Warden of the Blackgate Penitentiary and used his wealth to create a new prison which was six times bigger than the original version; he also managed to obtain another island, where the Arkham Asylum originally used to be, in order to use it a second penitentiary.

According to his words, no one could ever again break out of Blackgate during his time as a Warden.

Years later, a Batman from another world accidentally crossed a portal to the Dark Multiverse and came to his reality in Blackgate. Warden Wayne "welcomed" the stranger, who was warning him about an incoming danger, and told him he could no more wear a vigilante suit, like during his days as Batman in the Old Gotham.

Suddenly, they both crossed a portal to Earth 0 where Batman left him to the care of Official Harper, a friendly Blackgate guard: however, he was not aware that Harper was none other than the One who Laughs in disguise who let Batman deal with the other Blackgate guards, who believed him to be the Dark Multiverse Batman, while he murdered Warden Wayne and collected the blood he needed from his dead body.[1]


  • Although it was not clearly mentioned his time as Batman, it was implied by his words about the loss of his family.