Warhog was the leader of the group of underground dwellers known as the Warhogs that operated out of the Gotham Underground.

Warhog and his group's mission was to use science to prepare for the apocalypse. He and his followers believed that the best defense against radiation poisoning could be found through experimenting with bio-agents. This, in addition to his survival techniques, made him an enemy of Doctor Phosphorous' civilization Charneltown that lived underneath Arkham Asylum.

Doctor Phosphorous attempted to alleviate the tension between the two clans by offering his daughter Tinderbox to marry Warhog's son Rake. However, Rake refused, not liking Tinderbox's spoiled attitude and finding her not fit for survival, and so a war between the two groups was initiated.[1]

Ingesting a special bio-agent, Warhog gained gained superstrength and radiation resistance for his impending fight with Doctor Phosphorous. As the two dueled one-on-one, the cave they were in collapsed over top of them, killing Tinderbox as well as Warhog. With his clan dispersed and left to die in the underground, the only person to mourn Warhog's death was his son, who swore he would continue his father's mission.[2]





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