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Warhounds were land-based mobile devices designed and constructed on the planet Apokolips.


A Warhound stood approximately twelve feet high, measured approximately twenty feet long, and possessed physical features resembling that of an Earth canine. The forward navigation pod, located in its mid-thorax, could accommodate two human-sized pilots, which operated the Warhound's weapons and guidance system. The outer hull of the Warhound was constructed of a dense metal polymer capable of withstanding extremes in both pressure and temperature. The legs of the Warhound allowed the pilots great mobility over hostile terrain and were ideal for navigating the harsh environments of the Armagetto regions of Apokolips.

Darkseid employed the use of Warhounds during his scheme against the heroes of Earth known as Operation: Humiliation. When his agent, Glorious Godfrey, began using his powers of mental influence to turn Earth's populace against its defenders, Darkseid allowed Godfrey to supply the humans with Warhounds, enabling them to rebel against the federal government. Earth's heroes fought against the Warhounds, carefully disabling them and freeing their mind-controlled pilots.


  • On-Board Equipment: The navigation pod of a Warhound contained two monitor screens that simulated a pair of canine "eyes". The sensor capabilities of a Warhound's eyes have never been revealed.
  • On-Board Weaponry: Each Warhound came equipped with a set of protruding spikes encircling the neck and haunches of each device. The spikes were ideal for defensive maneuvers, but were primarily used for ramming attacks. Warhounds were not equipped with any projectile weaponry of any kind.

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