Quote1.png There's only one chance. Hugin, fly swiftly to my home and bring me the Lamp of the Gods. Quote2.png
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Warlock was a Wizard. He wielded the Golden Hand and the Lamp of the Gods against the forces of evil.

Warlock the Wizard was the last of the White Magicians, and dedicated his life to destroying evil and black magic. He was assisted in this work by one raven and two artifacts.

His Wise Raven, Hugin, kept him informed and helped him to find people, places, and things. Only Warlock could hear Hugin's stories.

The Golden Hand was the Wizard's most-used talisman, and was typically carried along on his adventures. He would wave it, and shout his Word of Power, "ABRAXAS!", expanding and animating the giant hand, which could fly, lift objects, smack persons, and perform other telekinetic feats. It could also conjure objects out of thin air.

The Lamp of the Gods was Warlock's fall-back artifact, and was typically left behind, then fetched. The Lamp enabled the Wizard to contact gods and other supernatural entities, and petition them for weapons and other help, such as the Hammer of Thor,[1] or a sky full of lightning.[2]

The Wizard also could transform his own appearance, impersonating gargoyles, other people, or things.


  • Golden Hand
  • Lamp of the Gods

  • Warlock the Wizard ran, without credits, for the first seven issues of Nickel Comics.
  • Warlock's wise raven, Hugin, told him stories and guided him to evildoers, but apparently nobody else could hear him. At any rate, the bird had no dialogue balloons.
  • Warlock the Wizard once used his magic to grow his raven to a monstrous size, at which the giant bird attacked and devoured a large number of large spiders, one by one.[3]
  • Warlock once used the mystic Lamp of the Gods to call upon Thor, Lord of the Thunderbolt, to give him his Hammer. With this, he slew a powerful vampire, Baron Gath.[4]
  • Warlock also carried a large spool of thread, which could unwind itself and show him the way out of a maze.[5]



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