Warrant was an ex-agent of the Israeli Special Forces.


Warrant was a veteran of ten years. One of his missions invoved tracking and killing terrorists who targeted the 2004 Olympics. Officially, the Israel government condemned those actions and deported him, when in reality, they set him to Metropolis with an expense account to continue hunting criminals.[1]

Forever Evil

Warrant was recruited by what he thought was Amanda Waller. In reality, it was a hologram controlled by Thinker. With Steel, Power Girl and Unknown Soldier, he was sent to the Rocky Mountains to retrieve OMAC.[2] Inside the base, they were confronted by the Suicide Squad, sent by the real Amanda Waller. During the ensuing fight, Harley Quinn betrayed everyone and collapsed a mountain on them. Warrant and Deadshot joined forces to explore the underground caves for an exit.[3] Surprised by the unstable terrain, Warrant fell through the ground. When he asked for help from Deadshot, the criminal he had once hunted shot his hands instead. Warrant was swept away by the moving water.[1]



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