Wolfpack was a werewolf and a member of the Creature Commandos.

Private Warren Griifth was a nationalistic American soldier during World War II who volunteered for a radical science experiment performed by Doctor Myron Mazursky that would transform Griffith into a werewolf-soldier. Promised that he could always be changed back, Griffith agreed and became a member of the Creature Commandos.

When the war was over, the Commandos were decommissioned and put in a stasis chamber where they wouldn't be awakened until the year 2011 when the base they were in was destroyed by an escaped alien. The Commandos attempted to find Dr. Mazursky's hidden research but were hunted by their former commander's granddaughter Miranda Shrieve. In their fight, Griffith was hit with a silver bullet and almost bled out before the team finally discovered Dr. Mazursky, still alive after all these years, who healed Griffith and returned him to his human state.





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