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Quote1.png My dad wasn't a superhero. He didn't save the world from the near-Apocalypse of '09, he never went toe to toe with Mr. Freeze, but he was a good man just the same. Even after he and mom got divorced, he always tried to do the right thing. My brother and I were always provided for, when mom couldn't quite make the bills he always helped out. He tried to teach me right from wrong. Would have too if I'd ever listened to him. He never laid a hand on me, although Lord knows I was asking for it. Quote2.png
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Warren McGinnis was the father of Terry McGinnis, the second Batman.

Warren McGinnis was the husband of Mary McGinnis. Unbeknownst to him, Amanda Waller had him injected with a nanite solution that rewrote his reproductive materials into an exact copy of Bruce Wayne's. As a result, the McGinnis' first son, Terry, was born resembling a younger version of Wayne. For unknown reasons, Warren and Mary McGinnis divorced soon after the birth of their second son, Matt.

Warren was murdered by Derek Powers' assistant Mister Fixx, after accidentally finding out Powers was producing a nerve gas for Kaznia despite a weapons embargo being in place. After learning the truth, Terry became the new Batman to avenge his father's death and thwart the nerve gas shipment to Kaznia.



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