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The Great White Shark was a crimelord in Gotham City, usually operating from inside Arkham Asylum.


Warren White, originally a petty corrupt businessman, plead insanity during his trial and was sent to Arkham Asylum instead of Blackgate Penitentiary. Expecting it to be easier, White was dead wrong, especially when he was locked in a refrigeration unit by the other inmates long enough to get severe frostbite across his body. Losing his hair, ears, and nose to the cold, White, now having lost his sanity for real, embraced his new look as the Great White Shark. A fence and shady businessman for the underbelly of Gotham, his corruption has lead to multiple sentences in Arkham.

Forever Evil

When the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth and announced that the Justice League was dead, the Great White Shark went to Bar 8 to celebrate with a group of other criminals. While he was there, a band of masked rebels broadcasted themselves over the television, saying that they were planning to overthrow the Syndicate. White then smashed the TV with his beer glass, mentioning to Clayface that the rebels didn't stand a chance anyway; the Shark planned to infiltrate the camp and slaughter them all in order to gain the attention of the Secret Society anyway. Liking White's plan, Clayface threw him out the bar window, leaving the Great White Shark unconscious in the street while Clayface stole his entire plan.[1]

Recovering from his experience at the bar, the Great White Shark and Clayface found themselves on the same team when Bane returned to Gotham, intending to gain the power for himself from the Arkham Asylum inmates that had already ceased control. Bane had recruited the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary to join as his army, and the city turned into a battleground between Batman's enemies in what would later be called "the Arkham War".[2] Great White Shark, representing Arkham Asylum, participated as a regular foot solider in most of the battles that were scattered throughout Gotham.[3]