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Quote1 I've faced a lot of weapons in my time-- From Brainiac's shrink-ray to Luthor's seemingly endless arsenal-- But comparing them to Warworld is like comparing the first club to the atom bomb! Quote2

Warworld is a mobile planetoid, usually controlled by alien tyrant Mongul, whose nature significantly varies depending on the universe.



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Warworld was a mobile weaponized satellite created by a warlike race called the Warzoons. Bigger and sturdier than a dwarf star and equipped with weapons able to obliterate planets easily, it was meant to be their ultimate weapon to carve a path of destruction through the universe.

However, Warworld was controlled by a mind-linking system that strained and quickly drained the user's mind, ultimately resulting in death. One by one the Warzoons died before their weapon was put to real use.

Warworld was found by a peaceful race called the Largas, who couldn't bring themselves to destroy the satellite for unknown reasons, but reprogrammed its defenses so nobody could set foot on their surface unless they were wearing the crystal key. But the Largas also died out over time. Before dying, the last Largas gave the key to the Martian race for safekeeping, and Martian Manhunter was sworn to protect it.

The alien tyrant known as Mongul tried to steal the crystal key, but he was driven out by the Martian hero. Determined to take over Warworld, Mongul blackmailed Superman into fighting Martian Manhunter, and made it off with the key.[1]

Although Mongul managed to find and awaken Warworld, he was fought by Superman and Supergirl. Not even a Kryptonian could withstand Warworld's weapons, but Supergirl broke it down temporarily by ramming through it at incalculable speed, and Superman reprogrammed the satellite to blow itself up. At the end, Superman would reflect, the only thing capable of destroying Warworld was Warworld itself.[2]

New Earth

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In the new reality created after the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, Warworld was a planet ruled by Mongul, which he used as a giant training camp for his conquering army.

During the Imperiex War, Brainiac 13 controlled a newly recreated Warworld remade from the dwarf planet Pluto, located in the Solar System.

Prime Earth

In the reality created after Flashpoint, there were many lesser Warworlds throughout history; each an imitation created by the various Monguls crafted in the mode of Warworld Prime. Though the Monguls claimed to have constructed Warworld Prime, this was a lie. Warworld Prime was an ancient world, ripped from its orbit and covered in layer after layer of machinery by many generations of many different species.[3]

Warworld Prime was a massive and mysterious construct, forged by the Old Gods in the time before the fall of Urgrund as a method of hiding the Fire of Olgrun, one of the seven shattered god-aspects of Olgrun.[4] Its atmosphere was provided by the Great Worms, massive beasts that lived within its crust and expelled breathable gasses. Veins of the mysterious mineral known as 'Genesis' ran through its rocky body.[5]

Before their fall, the Old Gods carved a warning into the deepest levels of the construct:

If the god-aspects of Olgrun are found and joined by one who is worthy, he will be reborn as the hero he was meant to be. But if they are found by one who is unworthy... mighty Olgrun will return in all his wrath and fury, and will return creation to the darkness from which it was born.

In time, life would arise on the artificial planetoid's surface; amongst those species were the Warzoons, a savage race of hunters and scavengers who scrounged a meager living on its surface. Though each of the Warzoons paid tribute to the Great Worms, each only served themself. One evening, an alien ship impacted on Warworld Prime. One Warzoon, Guldejo, was unafraid, and sought out the ship that had come to this savage world. He found a great fissure, and descended into it, discovering the ancient Necropolis below its surface. Within the Necropolis, he found the ship's inhabitant, an advanced being he percieved as godlike wearing armor with a yellow gem in its chestplate. The being looked on Guldejo with disgust, and in turn, Guldjeo murdered the alien. Guldejo tore the armor from the being's chest, taking it for his own, finding that it increased his strength and his lust for conquest. He took the name Mongul, which meant Strongest in the Warzoon tongue. He would rule for the rest of his days, unchallenged as ruler by his kin until he was one day slain by his own son, who took the name Mongul for himself.[6]

Mongul I began a millennia-long cycle, one that would be repeated by his descendants; their Warzoons would locate a resource-rich planet, wipe out all resistance, and enslave the survivors. They would strip those planets bare, using their resources to fuel its forges and their populations as a vast slave class; they would then find a new world, and begin again.[7]

Eventually, Mongul MDCCXC would come into conflict with Superman, becoming one of his greatest enemies. His son and successor, Mongul MDCCXCI followed in his footsteps, even going so far as to briefly become a member of the Sinestro Corps.

Mongul was defeated by Superman and banished to the Phantom Zone. Unexpectedly, his son Jochi demanded a duel to avenge to his father: either Superman and Batman brought their own clans to fight him on his world or his Warworld would destroy Earth. Both heroes travelled to the lesser Warworld, joined by Supergirl, Krypto, Steel, Barbara Gordon and Red Hood.

The Earth's champions managed to win but refused to kill their enemies. When the Warworld Council attempted to destroy Earth in retaliation, Superman sent the whole artificial planetoid into the Phantom Zone.[8]

Later, as Thaal Sinestro had reclaimed his corps with intent on making it the premiere intergalactic law enforcement organization throughout the galaxies. His cohort Arkillo kept a seedling remnant of the fear lanterns urban ally safe in hand, merging it with the artificial planetary crust of the false astral body. Fusing the two as one whole entity.[9]

After assimilating into the planet, Ranx under it's corps leaders orders shifted its orbit towards the center of the universe. Where the guardians home planet of Oa once stood, as a testament to the fear mongers authority.[10]

This lesser Warworld would later be destroyed by Hal in his battle with the Paralax empowered Sinestro whom reverted to his totalitarian ways.[11] At some unknown time & place, Mongul would return with an all-new imitation Warworld at his beck and call. Often using it to challenge the Man of Steel from time to time in a bid to decimate the Earth.[12] He would seek out further conflict using the siege engine as a means of disrupting the burgeoning United Planets as well as engaging in another hostile conquest of Superman's adopted homeworld again.

To which after it would be subsequently destroyed in an ensuing conflict between the cosmic conqueror and the champion of justice.[13] Mongul would retreat for a time founding a new Warworld where he was killed by his successor and second child, Mongul MDCCXCII.[14]

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  • Mongul
  • Warzoons: alien race and creators, deceased (Earth One), Native species (Prime Earth)
  • Warworlders (denizens from other worlds)


  • The primary language spoken on the planetoid is Mal'tsunakal.[15]

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