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The Watchtower Network is a team of superheroes organized by Green Arrow.


Around 2007 Oliver Queen recruited Bart Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to aid in his quest to bring down 33.1, a LuthorCorp project, that experimented on metahumans with the intent of creating super soldiers. On a mission in Metropolis, the group joined forces with Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan, to destroy the local Ridge facility and to retrieve information about other 33.1 facilities. Afterwards, the group departed Metropolis and took down most of the remaining 33.1 facilities.[6][7][8]

This early team had major issues with security. Clark and Chloe had managed to uncover the team, when they had checked Bart Allen's phone records and discovered that he had made numerous calls to a Queen Industries owned company.[6] A year later, Chloe Sullivan (who was doing some freelance work for Oliver Queen) found herself attacked by the Black Canary (then working for Lex), after she had used a computer at the Daily Planet, to intercept classified LuthorCorp information. Black Canary also ended up uncovering Green Arrow's identity, by simply checking Chloe's phone record.[9]

After a failure to stop the Kryptonian monster known as Doomsday and the death of Henry James Olsen, the team disbanded, and its members went underground. However, Chloe, Olsen's ex-wife, set out to bring the team back together again and used a loft apartment, that Olsen had bought for her as their base.[10] By each passing year, this new team grew, as more and more heroes joined their ranks.[4] However, the organization was more of a network of heroes, than a proper team.[11] If an individual member needed assistance, Watchtower could arrange for one or two other members to come to help them.[2][12] Very rarely would the whole team come together, to handle a crisis.[13] Furthermore, the team lacked structure.[2] Members were expected to check in regularly with Watchtower, but would frequently ignore this rule.[4][14] Individual members would even co-operate, without the knowledge of Watchtower.[15]

Following the death of Bart Allen, former JSA member Jay Garrick founded a school in San Francisco, where he'd train some of the Watchtower Network's younger members. These teenagers would eventually form their own team known as the "Titans".[16] The rest of the Watchtower Network was disbanded after the Metropolis battle against the Monitors, with seven of its former agents joining forces and becoming the "Justice League".[17]




  • The team remained unnamed during the show's run. Season 11 established it as being the Watchtower Network.[11][18][19][20]
  • Bryan Q. Miller revealed on Twitter that this team isn't the Justice League.[21]

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