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The Waverider is a time-travelling ship used by Rip Hunter and also as a base of operation for his team.



  • A flaw of the ship is that it can accommodate at least nine people with bedrooms, but it only has one bathroom.
  • Food is created using a fabricator.
    • Mick notes it tastes fake, and laments that everything in the future has no added sugar.
  • Rip Hunter medically regenerated Leonard Snart's hand.
  • On pre-Crisis Earth 74, the Legends had all retired, leaving the Waverider to rust with Mick Rory as its only inhabitant. Gideon had been replaced by the personality and voice of Leonard Snart. During the Crisis, the heroes use this Waverider in their attempts to stop the Anti-Monitor and their anti-matter wave from destroying the multiverse.

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