Killer Croc was an enemy and later ally of Batman.

Waylon Jones was born with a extreme case of Ichthyosis which caused his skin to thicken, crack and flake off in a pattern resembling reptile scales, giving him a more reptilian appearance. Due to his genetic deformity, his mother sold him to Haley's Circus. During his time in the sideshow, the circus owner had him file his teeth to razor-sharp points and billed him as the "reptile boy." Waylon eventually escaped from the circus when it was passing through Gotham City, but he could not function in normal society, as the public were frightened by his deformity and viewed him as a monster. Shunned and hurt by society, Waylon fled into the city's sewers. Despite seeking isolation from the surface, Waylon became the topic of numerous sightings, which caused the media to later dub him the "Killer Croc."

Waylon encountered and briefly fought the Batman for trespassing in the sewers. Fortunately, an understanding was formed between him and Batman, who was looking for the Riddler. Waylon had known about the Riddler having established his hideout in the sewers and helped guide Batman to the hideout. Batman offered Waylon medical treatment for his Ichthyosis, but Waylon declined, as he had sworn to never return to the surface.

However, Waylon witnessed the Riddler commit a bombing on a rapid transit train and was stricken with guilt, given that he could have prevented the needless deaths by stopping Riddler early on. He helped Batman in capturing the Riddler but was wounded in the process. In gratitude, Batman offered Waylon a place at Wayne Manor (much to Alfred Pennyworth's chagrin).

Waylon showed Bruce an abandoned subway station which would become Bruce's base of operations. He would later help Bruce during his battle against "Adrian Arkham" and is shown alongside Bruce's team of "Outsiders".


  • Regressive Atavism: Waylon Jones was born with a extreme case of Ichthyosis which gave him a more reptilian appearance.




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