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Quote1 Got a lead on your Killer Croc. His name's Waylon Jones. He was an inmate at Arkham Asylum. A former test subject of Doctor Crane's fear aversion therapy program. Jones was a former circus sideshow freak. Suffers from a rare skin disorder. Apparently he filed his teeth to razor points and went on a killing spree. And get this. That fear of his that Crane was working on averting: Bats. Quote2
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Killer Croc is a reptilian-like humanoid that lurks in the sewers of Gotham City, and is the subject of urban legend among Gotham's residents. The rumoured crocodile man is actually Waylon Jones, a former circus sideshow that was born with a rare skin condition.[1]

Early life

Waylon Jones was born with a rare condition known as Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, which resulted in his thick, scaly skin. Jones' early life is largely shrouded in mystery, though local urban legends have it that Killer Croc was flushed into the sewers as a child because his mother didn't want him. While investigating the existence of Killer Croc, Batman and James Gordon discovered that Jones was once a member of a circus sideshow, but eventually sharpened his teeth to razor points and went on a cannibalistic murder spree.[1]

Unhealthy influence

Waylon Jones was treated at Arkham Asylum by Doctor Jonathan Crane for his severe fear of bats. However, Crane's fear aversion therapy program only worsened Jones' mental illness as Crane began conducting experiments on Waylon Jones. After being released from Arkham Asylum, Jones fled to the sewers. Sometime after Doctor Crane was exposed as the Scarecrow and his crimes were made public, Jones was present near the location of one of Crane's kangaroo courts in the sewer. When Batman went into the sewer system to investigate Crane, he was attacked by Waylon Jones, who had Crane's fear toxin in his veins. Batman fought with Jones, but Jones retreated into the sewers after being injured.[1]

Several years after the disappearance of Batman, mentionings of "giant alligators in the sewers" still made their way through the city of Gotham.[2]





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