Wayne Williams' father was a policeman who was shot and killed. He is framed for a crime he didn't commit, and vows revenge on "Handz", the gang leader who set him up. In prison, Williams befriends a scientist named Frederick Grant who teaches him how to "develop his mind", as well as sewing and bodybuilding.

While incarcerated, Williams learns his mother is dead and blames Handz. After rescuing the warden, he was given a full pardon. On the outside, Williams feared Handz killing him, so to keep a low profile, he shaves his head. Williams needs money, so he becomes a wrestler under the name "Batman" and makes sure to never unmask in public. In a few short weeks, "Batman" has become a big name in wrestling and is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Wayne Williams finds Grant and entrusts him with his secret. Wayne Williams has the money, skill and strength to fight Handz, but Frederick Grant has the know-how, so the two became partners. To keep a low profile, Wayne gives Frederick a mansion and acts as his bodyguard. Batman eventually tracks down and attacks Handz, who accidentally falls to his death in the conflict. No longer seeking vengeance, Batman begins a mission of justice to fight crime and protect the innocent from villains like Handz.



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