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Quote1.png With typical Qwardian concision,they have named it The Weapon. Quote2.png
Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) (Earth-Two) src

The Weapon is a giant robot built by the Weaponers of Qward to face the Justice Society.

During the Convergence the Weaponers of Qward built The Weapon to face whatever has imprisoned them and fight their way out of the dome that where they were trapped for a year,[1] until unexpectedly the dome that covers the city was lowered and a mysterious entity demanded that each imprisioned city choose a champion to fight each other and the winner would have his city spared.

The Weapon was sent to level Earth-Two Metropolis to take it out of the game entirely therefore giving automatic victory to the Qwardians ,but it was prevented by the Justice Society's efforts.


  • Robot Body
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Superhuman Strength:The Weapon possesses enough strength to tear down several small buildings and skyscrapers. [2]
    • Superhuman Durability:It has a reinforced metal chassis as well as outer force shield capable of withstanding and deflect a combined attack from Doctor Fate.Green Lantern and Hawkman.
    • Regeneration: It has a automatic repair system capable to reconstruct alloy skins and armor plating.[3]
    • Energy Projection: In addition to shooting unspecified energy blasts, it's also capable of shooting Qwa-Bolts. [4]


  • A pair of energy cannons.