The Weaponer is the Qwardian blacksmith who initially built Sinestro's yellow ring.

When Sinestro returned years later to enslave the Qwardians and make Qward the base of operations for the Sinestro Corps, The Weaponer swore revenge on him. After discovering a piece of net composed of white light energy, left over by Deadman, he creates the ultimate weapon. Kidnapping Sinestro's daughter Soranik Natu in order to lure him to Qward, he instead comes face to face with members of the Green Lantern Corps. However, his new ultimate weapon proves to be more than up to the task as he defeats five Green Lanterns single-handedly. Afterwards, Sinestro arrives along with members of the Sinestro Corps and after a long battle, Sinestro decides to play on the Weaponer's fears and he gives up on revenge and joins the Sinestro Corps instead.



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