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Quote1.png GULP! You don't understand! Every year I've got a big load of extra bad weather left over! THIS is the place I dump it! Quote2.png
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The Weatherman was an enemy of Captain Marvel.

For at least 200 years, the Weatherman gleefully dumped all of his surplus bad weather onto a particular farmstead in western Indiana. After a 1948 encounter with Captain Marvel, the Weatherman changed his modus operandi and thenceforward dumped his surplus bad weather on an uninhabited island.

Little else is known about this entity, or his origins, or his home.


Weather Manipulation

  • Former enemy of Capt. Marvel
  • Immortal
  • Unlike the other Weatherman of Earth-S, this fellow uses no visible equipment, but simply states what the weather should be, and it is made so. And he wears a Tyrolean hat.



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