Quote1 The Weatherman has been doing a wonderful job for thousands of years, yet all we do is complain about his weather --- which keeps us alive! Let's tell him we're sorry! Quote2
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The Weatherman was an enemy of Captain Marvel, Jr.

People all over the world complained about the weather for thousands of years until one day in the 1940s, the Weatherman got tired of it, and produced a series of extreme weather conditions, which Captain Marvel, Junior was hard-pressed to neutralize. After an unproductive conversation with the young superhero, the frustrated old Weatherman went on strike. He turned off his machinery, and a weird change struck the Earth. There was no heat, no cold, no wind, no rain, no weather at all. Crops began to fail and people panicked. Captain Marvel Junior resolved the problem by persuading 50,000 people to sign a petition, saying they were sorry, which mollified the old gent, and he restored the weather.


Weather Manipulation


Weather-controlling equipment.

  • Former enemy of Capt. Marvel Jr.
  • Immortal
  • Has an elf assistant named Jack.
  • Unlike the other Weatherman of Earth-S, this character uses elaborate machinery to produce his choice of weather. And he wears a top hat.



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