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The Weeper was a prisoner of Amunet Black.

Weeper was beaten to produce Dark Matter infused tears, which Amunet would sell as a love drug. Weeper was later freed from Amunet's imprisonment by Iris West after she, Felicity Smoak, Cecile Horton, and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost came into conflict with Amunet during Iris's Bachelorette Party. Weeper ran off and was later confronted by the Thinker.


  • Psycho-active tears: Weeper's tears are infused with Dark Matter, causing anyone who ingests them to react to them as though they had just taken an addictive drug. It is later revealed by Ralph Dibny under hypnosis that Weeper was crying on the bus for an unknown reason when it was hit by the Dark Matter, which is likely why he developed this power.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Flash, its tie-in comic book series, and its related television series. It is an adaptation of Weeper. The original character was created by Mac Raboy and first appeared in Master Comics #23.
  • Weeper is the fourth of twelve metahumans encountered with powers caused by Dark Matter expelled from Barry's return from the Speed Force. These metahumans are being tracked by the Thinker as he is indirectly responsible for causing them to gain powers in the first place.
  • Weeper was portrayed by Matt Afonso.