Quote1 With all due respect senator, we can't entrust the security of the entire world to one man! Quote2
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General Wells was a member of the United States military.

He was opposed to Senator J. Allen Carter's plan to use Superman to disarm the worlds nuclear missiles, which was secretly an attempt by Carter, who was in fact of a disguised alien, to weaken Earth's defenses to allow the Imperium to invade. When the invasion occured Wells was a leader of the military forces in Metropolis, and when it was defeated by a group of heroes including Superman, Wells stated that Earth would still need some form of defense, pompting the heroes to form the Justice League.

Some time later, after the arrival of the Thanagarians on Earth, who promised to defend the earth from the Gordanians, Wells was skeptical that the Thanagarians were truly offering their help. He was proven correct when the Thanagarians turned on them and disabled Earth's weapons, and Wells attempted to find whatever defenses remained, but was unable to.



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