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Wendy Harris was an ally of the Teen Titans. She later became an assistant to Oracle as Proxy.

At age sixteen, Wendy and her brother, Marvin, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During the missing year, Wendy and her brother managed to attain jobs as caretakers of Titans Tower. For the last six months of that year, they re-built Cyborg.

Wendy was attacked by Wonderdog in the Titans Tower. As a result, she was left in coma and was taken to the Gotham General Hospital. Her father, The Calculator learned of her condition and in order to heal her, he decided to gather the fragments of the Anti-Life Equation.[1] However, Wendy recovered without the need of the formula, but the injuries inflicted on her left her paralyzed from waist down.[2]


She was later seen during a night where forty percent of Gotham were turned into techno-zombies controlled in part by the Calculator. Batgirl was pitted against the Batman Family and in the thick of the battle Wendy helped her get out of the fight using Oracle's intercom. Eventually, Wendy came to the rescue in the Batgirl-pod and the two of them fly a plane towards the Suicide Swamp. When Oracle was trapped in the Calculator's mind, Batgirl eventually made it inside to find and rescue Kid Eternity and Oracle. Wendy then crashed the plane she was flying into the maze of a house that belonged to Calculator. She was uninjured and after the feat, she decided to join Oracle under the alias of Proxy.[3]

Proxy would use a similar system to Oracle's to help the Bat-Family fight crime. One day, Batgirl asked Proxy to help her locate a mysterious criminal who stole equipment from WayneTech. Proxy located the headquarters and allowed Batgirl to confront the Insider.[4]


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