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Werner Zytle is Count Vertigo, a disgraced European royal who uses a machine in his ear to create the dizzying "Vertigo effect".

Werner Zytle was born to a noble house of the tiny nation of Vlatava with a claim to the throne, but his family lost their fortunes and had to flee to Canada. There, Zytle became involved with organized crime, using the profits from his illegal activities to finance return to Vlatava and reclaim his birthright. He succeeded and ascended the throne.

Though appearing to be a kind and benevolent monarch, he continued to be involved in organized crime, using the alias Count Vertigo. When Green Arrow traveled to Vlatava to rescue a kidnapped Shado, Vertigo challenged him to a fight. With an implant in his ear that could create unbalancing and nauseating waves, Vertigo had the upper hand until Green Arrow used an EMP arrow in his quiver.[2]

Count Vertigo later joined Richard Dragon's Longbow Hunters.[3]


  • Vertigo Effect: Thanks to his implant Vertigo can emit waves capable of unbalancing his enemies and disrupt their aim and equilibrium, prolonged exposure to his Vertigo Effect causes bleeding from nose, eyes, ears and consequent death. His power can also affect electronic targets like targeting systems and telecommunications. At his peak he is able to project his Vertigo Effect for a mile in every direction.




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