In his youth, Wesley Dodds was once a costumed super-hero who called himself the Sandman.

At some point during his career, he developed the ability to divine the future through his dreams. As an old man, Wesley witnessed the emergence of a new breed of hero, a breed that acted not out of justice, but out of selfishness and a lust for violence. Like many of his generation, Wesley Dodds lost faith in humanity and in the future. Wesley's friend Norman McCay once said that Wes would often walk down the street, ambush a pedestrian and ask them bizarre questions such as whether they missed the concept of human achievement. Near the end of his life, Wes experienced a nightmare wherein he saw the coming of Armageddon. He spoke of this dream to Norman McKay and the two likened the vision to Biblical scripture from the Book of Revelations. Dodds passed away in his hospital bed, but managed to pass along his gift for prophetic dreaming to McCay. This incident drew the attention of the Spectre who had originally intended to use Wesley's sense of justice as an anchor to the mortal world. With Dodds' passing, the Spectre was instead drawn to McCay and confirmed for him that Wesley's apocalyptic nightmare was in fact coming to pass.


  • Precognition: Affected by prophetic dreams, Sandman could see the future through dreams and nightmares.


  • Sleep Deprivation: Unable to sleep due to his dreams, this condition affected Dodds well into his later years and considerably damaged his health as well as mental state.



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