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Wesley Dodds is an Canadian "commander" in the World Army and leader of the black-ops unit the Sandmen.

During Solomon Grundy's attack on Washington DC, Dodds was the one sent in to save and US President Lightfoot. In order to help Commander Amar Khan take down Terry Sloan, he and his team attempted to infiltrate Sloan's research facility. Unfortunately, they were attacked by brainwashed Michael Holt, who took down all "The Sandmen" until he was taken down by Commander Dodds's "Gas Gun". Dodds took Holt back to the World Army for deprogramming and reported the situation to Commander Khan, promising to help him in his fight to topple "Sloane".

He with Captain Al Pratt and Major Sonia Sato were ordered to arrest The Flash and his mother at their home, but the Flash refused to stand down (after Al Pratt destroyed his house without warning) and started taking down the soldiers until Wesley grabbed the Flash's mother and threatened to shoot her if he didn't stand down. It was working until Khalid Ben-Hassin hit Dodds over the head with a large branch and escaped by teleporting himself, the Flash, and his mother to the Tower of Fate.

Wesley and his Sandmen would later be present during the World Army's attack on Dherain along with Atom and Red Arrow. The group later came into conflicted with Green Lantern, Flash, and Doctor Fate who were also attacking Dherain. Just as the two groups were about to reach an agreement they are attacked by the Hunger Dogs. The Wonders were no match for the Hunger Dogs, however and Wesley's Sandmen were decimated leaving him and one other alive. The Hunger Dogs would soon leave the Wonders to aid Steppenwolf against the invading World Army. Wesley later regained consciousness and along with the Wonders proceed to aid in the World Amy's retreat.

During the retreat, Green Lantern appears to have been killed by Steppenwolf and Hunger Dog, Brutaal, but just as Steppenwolf declares himself master of the earth, Brutaal kills him and reveals that he is in fact Superman.

Wesley retreated along with the other Wonders to the Arkham base, but were soon followed by Superman. Amar Khan then decided to send Doctor Fate to battle Superman because of Superman's weakness to magic. Fate was defeated however due to his inexperience and Superman then proceeded to collapse the base. After the building stopped caving in, it was discovered that Khan has been impaled by some of the debris. Wesley figured out the only way to save Khan was to teleport Khan and himself away to remove the debris and get Khan help.



  • Gas Mask
  • Teleporter




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