Wesley "Wes" Keenan was an army brat and childhood romance of Lois Lane. As an adult, Wes joined the United States Air Force for four years, then the Marines for another two, before finally joining the United States Army and married Jodi, who was also in the service. While serving in Afghanistan, Wes was injured in a helicopter crash and reported killed in action.

In reality, Wes had been approached by Lex Luthor and recruited to Project Ares. Wes had been told that the project was supposed to help to keep American soldiers safe. However, Wes was subjected to mind control and given metahuman abilities.

In this state, Wes was forced to kill Senator Burke. Having left a witness, Wes was sent out to kill the witness. However, the witness was Lois. Being near her, Wes was briefly able to free himself of Lex Luthor's control and was shocked at what he had done in Luthor's service. Project Ares was soon able to regain control over Wes, forcing him to complete his mission. This was interrupted by Clark Kent, who confronted Wes. With no other choice, Clark had to use his heat vision to stop Wes. Wes died in Lois' arms, giving her the coordinates to the Project Ares facility.





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