Whales, and their smaller cousins the dolphins, are sea life mammals that need to breath fresh air above the sea.


Whales can hold their breath for a long time and, because most of them have a large fat reserve underneath there skin, they can be found in all the seas, and sometimes rivers. On Earth most of the larger species seem to be hunted to near extinction by humanity.

Because they are marine life they can controlled by Aquaman or another person who possesses Marine Telepathy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fast swimmers.


  • Without water they could die of dehydration, whales don't have gills so they need to get Oxygen from fresh air.


Habitat: Large Bodies of Salt or fresh water (there are exceptions)

Population: Numerous,


Type of Government:



Listed on the worlds where there found


  • Dolphins: the name most often used for the bottle nose a race of playful, intelligent sea creatures that live in packs hunting small sea creatures
  • Narwhals: a dolphin with one tusk that looks like a unicorn horn. hunts fish
  • Beluga Whales: a white whale spicies that lives at the Arctic seas. hunts fish
  • Killer Whales (Orca's ): Smart big creatures that hunt in packs, hunts big fish and sea lions.
  • Sperm Whales: A giant whale that dives miles deep to hunt for giant squid.
  • Blue Whales: The biggest whale species feeds on micro-organism called plankton.


  • Horned Whales: In the sea of Ebix live these big creatures they seem to live in packs and life on the few fish the sea has to offer.



  • This article is about Whales in the DC Universe alone, and contains largely unreliable information. It is not to be applied to the real world.


  • Whales and Dolphins are biology two different species, but some names would only confuse more.

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