Whipsnake was a Cuban-born vampire in David's biker gang.

Whipsnake was the nickname given to a Cuban-born woman living in New York City. She was the youngest of seven daughters, all of whom worked at their father's auto garage which was appropriately named "Seven Daughters". As such, Whipsnake developed a keen proficiency for auto-mechanics.

While in her mid-twenties, Whipsnake was transformed into a creature of the night by a vampire biker named David. David maintained a practice wherein none of his brood were allowed to eat until his own bloodlust had been sated first. As such, his "vamps" shared the degrading duty of finding fresh victims for him. They were forced to satisfy their own needs from their master's cast off leftovers. In 1994, Whipsnake and her blood-sisters decided to fight back. After watching their master reeling blood-drunk after a feeding in North Carolina, the five vamps pounced upon him. They tied his limbs to the back of their motorcycles, then drove away in opposite directions away, quartering him. The group then used the discarded motorcycles of their human victims and traveled west towards Texas.

Arriving in Austin, the vamps broke into the Division of Motor Vehicles to secure new identities and license plates. While her colleague Screech hacked into the DMV's computer systems, Whipsnake broke into a storage locker to secure fresh plates. They then stopped at Lone Star Hogs where Whispnake used her lockpicking skills to gain entrance into the building. While stealing fresh clothes and choppers, they were surprised when an employee burst into the room brandishing a shotgun. Whipsnake took a shot point-blank to the chest, but she survived the painful injury and killed her assailant.

Afterwards, the Vamps stopped at a biker bar to stalk fresh prey. Whipsnake entered into an arm-wrestling contest with another biker, and although she could have easily bested him with her vampiric strength, she elected to let him win to conceal her true nature. At this point county sheriffs' deputies entered the establishment inquiring about some mysterious deaths that took place in North Carolina. Although he was ignorant of Whipsnake's true identity, the biker whom she arm-wrestled with lied on her behalf and told the officers that she was his girlfriend and that they had been riding together since Sand Diego. It was his belief that bikers should "stick together". Later that evening, Whipsnake and the other Vamps sated their blood-thirst on a Native American man they found in the middle of the desert.

The following evening, the Vamps rode off towards Las Vegas, Nevada. They stopped at a casino on the Vegas Strip and Whipsnake seduced a high-roller at the Baccarat tables. She convinced him to take her to an extremely expensive restaurant, even though the only food she consumed that evening was the man's blood.

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  • Vampirism: In addition to the various mental and physical benefits that vampires are heir to, they also possess the ability to turn others into vampires as well. Each new vampire is traditionally subservient to the one who "turned" them, but some strong-willed vampires have been known to rebel against their masters.
    • Enhanced Senses: A vampire's senses are enhanced far beyond those of a normal human being.
    • Immortality: So long as vampires continue to consume blood, they will not age beyond the physical state they were in when they first became a vampire.
    • Invulnerability: Vampires are invulnerable to most forms of injury (certain exceptions apply). Bullets, blades and blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire's body.
    • Regeneration: In addition to being virtually indestructible, whatever damage a vampire does in fact suffer can be healed through the consumption of human blood.
    • Superhuman Strength: A vampire's strength level is several times that of a normal human being and they are considered superhuman.
    • Superhuman Stamina: So long as they continue to consume human blood, a vampire can function tirelessly without rest or relaxation. However, a vampire's stamina wanes the closer it is to sunrise.
    • Psychokinesis: Most vampires possess some form of psychokinesis. Some are clairvoyant, others can communicate telepathically, some possess mind control. Particularly powerful vampires can control the minds of several people at once.
    • Hypnosis
    • Transformation: Vampires often possess the ability to transform into a variety of creatures or effects such as bats, wolves, rats or even mist. While their physical attributes may fluctuate during such states, a vampire's mental acuity is the same as that when they are in their human shape. A vampire who transforms into an animal may also benefit from that particular animal's attributes including razor-sharp claws, fangs or the ability to fly.
    • Metamorphosis: Vampires often demonstrate the ability to alter their appearance at will.


  • Mechanical Aptitude: Whipsnake learned a great deal about auto-mechanics while working at her father's garage. She serves as the official mechanic to the vamps and often helps them affect repairs to their motorcycles. Whipsnake's knowledge of mechanics has also made her proficient at lock-picking.
  • Driving: Whipsnake possessed proficient driving skills, in particular, Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


Whipsnake suffers from all of the same vulnerabilities common to most vampires. She requires the consumption of human blood to survive. Without it, her body cannot function and will quickly deteriorate. On the converse, a surplus of blood will also cause an averse reaction. Commonly referred to as being "blood drunk", a vampire who feeds on too much blood will will descend into a state of vampiric frenzy, causing them to lash out, acting on nothing but pure, primal instinct. Whipsnake cannot survive in direct sunlight, and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause her physical body to quickly disintegrate. Articles of faith, and those who with strong belief in their faith can repel a vampire. Vampires cannot cross holy ground, or make physical contact with religious artifacts (again, the severity of this caveat is dependent upon the strength of faith of those who wield such items). A vampire's vulnerability against spiritual symbols encompasses all faiths, including those of various cultures such as Native American tribal lore. Whipsnake's corporeal form no longer casts a reflection. The only time she can see her reflection is when she stares into the eyes of a potential victim right before feeding.


  • Harley Davidson Chopper

  • Whipsnake had a penchant for referring to her male victims as "Poppi".



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