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The Whisper Gang is a Ukrainian Mob branch in Gotham City.


They are led by pakhan Luka Volk.

They are one of five gangs that control smuggling in and out of Gotham City by rail.

Of all the five gangs in Gotham, the Whispers are known to be the most vicious and brutal. Its members or "sixths" are given extensive weapons training before being traveled to the United States.

Once they arrive in the States, every member of the gang is fitted with an iron mask, a symbol of their loyalty to the gang and also a muzzle to prove that they'll never "snitch" with the mask being soldered together at the back of the member's head and it can't be removed for at least a year until the member in question has proven themselves. The mask, however, has one weakness that can be exploited during battle: it's magnetic.



  • Metal Mouth Masks


  • Subway Train


  • Ukrainian Weaponry

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