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The Whisperer was an evil god known to the Muldroogans, who was defeated by Cave Carson's Team after he attempted to conquer the multiverse.

Thousands of years ago, the malevolent deity known only as The Whisperer was found trapped in a crystal by a group of humans who sought to escape the dangers of the surface world. He telepathically guided them down to the underground caverns they came to call "Muldroog", and even used his powers to charge crystals they could use as a power source. In exchange for a new home and the power to fuel it, the Whisperer wanted freedom from his crystal.

A farmer named Kiyep A'Ken was the first to manage to crack the crystal, and his reward was possession. The Whisperer controlled Kiyep, and turned him on his own people, killing or possessing anyone who got in his way. The Whisperer's army nearly conquered the Muldroogans, until Kiyep's daughter, Sildonna killed her father in battle. The Whisperer was buried deep beneath Muldroog for thousands of years, in a prison that could only be opened by Sildonna or one of her descendants. The Whisperer maintained a presence in Muldroogan legend, with the story being told that the same restrictions that applied to opening his prison applied to killing him as well.[1]

After the first crack, however, the Whisperer's cage was not perfect. He could reach out telepathically, and his messages eventually reached the surface. Thousands of years after his initial imprisonment, his influence corrupted businessman Edward Borsten, convincing him to turn his company into an apocalyptic cult.[2] Despite the efforts of the modern Muldroogan people, and their ally Cave Carson, Borsten managed to free the Whisperer.[3] The creature fused with him, and began travelling through the multiverse, conquering and destroying worlds.

Cave Carson's team followed the Whisperer through his interdimensional travels, saving as many people as they could, although that was few. The Whisperer possessed a veritable army of interdimensional bystanders, using a mix of his innate telepathy and a bizarre fungus. Eventually, Cave's team found an alternate reality version of Cave and his allies, who attacked Cave and stole his cybernetic eye. Using the eye, which contained decades of recorded memories of Princess Mazra P'Thrall of Muldroog and samples of her biology, they replicated Mazra in an android body. Because Mazra was Muldroogan royalty and a direct descendant of Sildonna, the android replica managed to kill the Whisperer and end his control over the fungal host.[4]



  • Power Limitation: While effectively immortal, the Whisperer can be slain by a descendant of the Muldroogian woman who first defeated him.