The White Canary is a powerful martial artist, the only sister to the Twelve Brothers in Silk, and an opponent of Dinah Lance, the Black Canary.

As his family needed powerful martial artists, Master Huang made a habit of killing his daughters. However, as he went to kill one daughter, lightning struck nearby. Seeing it as an omen, he kept her alive and trained her as a son, but separate from her brothers.[1]

After the defeat of her brothers at the hands of Black Canary and her friends,[2] White Canary tracked all her brothers down and killed them for causing dishonor to their father's name. She then moved on to plot against Black Canary: She kidnapped Black Canary's daughter Sin and held her in Bangkok, and she also framed Black Canary for the death of a kidnapper in Iceland.

White Canary approached Lance, threatening to kill her teammates and expose her identity if she did not help her with her (supposedly) true target, Lady Shiva. In Bangkok, however, White Canary exposed her real motive: She wanted Black Canary and Lady Shiva to fight to the death, or she would kill Sin. Black Canary agreed, though she had a broken wrist. Huntress challenged the duel, taking Dinah's place. This allowed Black Canary the time to free Sin. Huntress and Shiva called their fight off (though Shiva insisted it would be fought out on a later date), and White Canary begrudgingly admitted failure. She escaped and vowed to return to have her revenge on Black Canary.[3]





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