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Whitney Fordman was Lana Lang's boyfriend during her freshman year of high school.

Born into the Fordman family, who owned Fordman's Department Store. In high school Whitney Fordman joined the football team and rose to captain of the Smallville Crows. In his senior year, he was dating Lana Lang.[1]

In a fit of jealousy, Whitney and a few other players strung up Clark Kent, who Whitney felt was too friendly with Lana, in a field.[2] When he later lost a scholarship, Whitney joined up with some former football players, who were engaged in criminal activities. Despite his past behavior against him, Clark helped him getting out of it.[1] After his father died, Whitney decided to join the United States Marine Corps. He was sent to Indonesia, where he was killed in action.[3][4]


  • Phasing (Formerly): Whitney Fordman once had a tattoo made of ink cultivated from green meteor rock. This temporarily gave him the ability to phase through solid objects.[1]


  • Whitney was born in 1984.[1]
  • In 2017, a movie about Whitney's life, called A Man Named Whitney, was released. An actor named Jay Dubb played Whitney, while his father was portrayed by Simon Trent.[5]