Wil Wheaton (b. July 29, 1972) voiced several DC related characters, including:

He is best know for portraying Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek franchise.

Work History

Acting Credits

The Zeta Project 2001-2002 Kevin
     "The Wrong Morph" August 17, 2002 Kevin
Teen Titans 2003-2006 Aqualad
     "Deep Six" September 13, 2003 Aqualad
     "Winner Take All" March 6, 2004 Aqualad
     "Wavelength" October 23, 2004 Aqualad
     "Titans East, Part I" January 14, 2005 Aqualad
     "Titans East, Part II" January 22, 2005 Aqualad
     "For Real" October 15, 2005 Aqualad
Computer Geek
Legion of Super-Heroes 2006-2008 Cosmic Boy
     "Chain of Command" March 3, 2007 Cosmic Boy
     "Cry Wolf" October 6, 2007 Cosmic Boy
Human Scientist
     "The Karate Kid" October 27, 2007 Cosmic Boy
     "In the Beginning" March 8, 2008 Cosmic Boy
Roderick Doyle
     "Dark Victory (Part I)" March 29, 2008 Cosmic Boy
     "Dark Victory (Part II)" April 4, 2008 Cosmic Boy
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011 Blue Beetle
     "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" January 23, 2009 Blue Beetle/Ted Kord
     "Menace of the Madniks!" October 15, 2010 Blue Beetle/Ted Kord
DC Universe Online January 11, 2011 Robin
Teen Titans Go! 2013- Aqualad
     "Pirates" June 26, 2014 Aqualad
     Teen Titans Go! (TV Series) Episode: Rock and Water   Aqualad
     "The Power of Shrimps" October 8, 2018 Aqualad
Teen Titans Go!: To the Movies July 27, 2018 Flash
Supergirl 2015- Doomsday Protestor
     "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One" December 8, 2019 Doomsday Protestor

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