"Catfight: On Earth...": Majestros of Khera was rocketed to Earth as a soldier in a cosmic war. With godlike abilities, this amazing being fights for order, stability and the destruction of the Daemonite way as Mister Majestic. But tonight, he ponders what his cause has become...

Quote1.png Gone. Priscilla. Reno. Adrianna. Jeremy. They were my friends once, fellow soldiers in a common war. When back on Earth we battles back-to-back against the Daemonites, I would have died for them... but that was back on Earth. Quote2.png
Zannah of Khera

WildC.A.T.s #25 is an issue of the series WildC.A.T.s (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1995.

Appearing in "Catfight: On Earth..."

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  • Earth
    • Clark's Bar
    • Halo Corporation Building



Synopsis for "Catfight: On Earth..."

Majestros of Khera was rocketed to Earth as a soldier in a cosmic war. With godlike abilities, this amazing being fights for order, stability and the destruction of the Daemonite way as Mister Majestic. But tonight, he ponders what his cause has become...

The view shifts to the morning before, at the funeral of H.A.R.M. With their foes captured, the majority of the team had left to put them in Halo Corporation's VR prison, leaving Condition Red and Ladytron to deal with the bystanders. Ladytron apologises for what the team did, but the Church of Gort are surprisingly cheerful about the experience, saying they will rebuild in due time, and offering her a place among them. Condition Red, meanwhile, offers his condolences to H.A.R.M.'s widow, and gives her some money he took from drug dealers. She takes it and departs, leaving Ladytron put out.

In the present, Mister Majestic is clear: trying to replace his friends with a team of cyborgs and amoral masterminds is going to fail, and everyone is going to blame him. He considers what just happened to him, and its causes.

Six hours ago, at Clark's, New York's premier posthuman watering hole, Cole Cash met his old Team 7 comrade Mike Cray, and Mike's friend Hellstrike from StormWatch to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the original WildC.A.T.s' founding. Hellstrike had had a few pints, and when he heard that Deathtrap, a StormWatch foe, was captured by the new WildC.A.T.s at a funeral, he became angry and flew away.

Meanwhile, at the Halo building, T.A.O. & Savant had secured the two remaining members of the Troika, and was preparing for Deathtrap. T.A.O. expressed his fears of not being good enough, of beiing considered creepy. Savant responded by kissing him... just as Majestic walked in.

Majestic immediately left, thinking of the love-mad actions of the women in Zealot's family. He compares it with his own actions, abstaining from love outside his species. Thus distracted, he was ambushed by Hellstrike. Shocked back ino command, Savant called on Condition Red & Ladytron.

Across town, the two heroes were racing, Condition Red holding onto Ladytron as she ran. Arriving, the two open fire on Hellstrike, with Condition Red's concussive shells stunning Hellstrike enough for Majestic to ground him.

On the ground, Hellstrike accused the WildC.A.T.s of poaching villains. Cole & Mike arrive to take Hellstrike home, but this does not efuse the situation. Only the arrival of T.A.O., saying that Deathtrap has escaped but then handing Hellstrike a tracker for the homing beacon he placed on the villain, calms everyone. Hellstrike leaves with a btter opinion of the new heroes.

Afterwards, T.A.O. told his teammates the truth: the tracker had a bug in it, allowing them to listen in on StormWatch. Everyone else approved.

In the present, Mister Majestic has revised his earlier opinion: the team is not as heroic as his old friends, but will be lauded because of it. Somehow, this makes him feel worse. To mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of the WildC.A.T.s, he lights a candle and mourns a dream.

Appearing in "... As It Is In Heaven"

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  • Khera
    • Bug Street
    • Lord Emp's Smart-Ice Villa
    • The Tower of Red Lament


  • Calderoc


Synopsis for "... As It Is In Heaven"

Zealot has been many things over the last three thousand years. Warrior. Teacher. Figure of myth. But before all that, she was Zannah, a daughter of the Coda Sisterhood on her native planet, and tonight she prepares to become so again.

Elsewhere, the other WildC.A.T.s on Khera are seeing the Daemonite ghetto, Bug Street, for the first time. They are horrified, though they still see the Daemonites as enemies. Priscilla points out that the people they were fighting had been raised as soldiers, and that these Daemonites only use heir powers in ritual ceremonies. They ow to seek answers from Emp & Zealot.

Going first to Emp's villa, they are beaten up by robot bodyguards before being rescued by Hadrian. Taken to Emp, they are disappointed by his indifference to their questions and his us of their exploits in the literature for his Senatee campaign. They depart for Zealot.

At Zannah's palace, The Tower of Red Lament, the Coda have prepared for the ceremony: the Blood Dance, in which a group of swordswomen attack each other to a beat, mixing their blood, protected from injury by their enhanced Kherubim healing. Zannah has already let go of her past on Earth... but with the arrival of her old teammates it seems her past has not let go of her.

Zannah is dismissive of the group, chiding them for interrupting the ceremony, then making a racist remark to Priscilla. This provokes a fight, mentor against student, with the battle-hungry Coda eager to see bloodshed. After Zannah uses her computer-sword, Calderoc, to wound Priscilla, Priscilla offers the onlookers her blood, citing her Coda initiation a he right to be here. The Coda back off, and Zannah accuses them of ruining the ceremony. Priscilla says she is done with Zannah and the group departs again.

Arriving back in Bug Street, they crows around the wounded Priscilla, but she waves them off, powered by rage. She has spent two years fighting a war that was already over on behalf of a false utopia. She has seen racist social policies backed by naked force, and she has been abandoned by the people she called friends. As far as she is concerned, the WildC.A.T.s are dead.


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