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WildStorm Productions, or simply "Wildstorm," was a publishing imprint and studio of DC Comics.


WildStorm originated in 1992 as comics creator Jim Lee's personal company, Aegis Entertainment, in the partnership making up Image Comics. In 1993, when it became clear that the names of the Image partners' personal companies would be used as brands, Lee changed Aegis to WildStorm, taken from the names of his top two titles, WildC.A.T.S. and Stormwatch.

In 1999, Jim Lee and WildStorm left Image, and Lee sold WildStorm to DC Comics. After the sale, Lee remained as Wildstorm's Editorial Director. The Executive Editor was Scott Dunbier. The WildStorm imprint was editorially separate from its DC parent, with its main studio located on the West Coast (when DC was still headquartered in New Your City).

In September 2010, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio announced that the WildStorm banner would cease to exist.[1]

The New 52

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DC Comics merged elements of the Wildstorm Universe into the DC Universe in 2011. Flashpoint rebooted the DCU timeline, combining it with elements of Wildstorm and the Vertigo Universe. This new continuity is called Prime Earth. Wildstorm characters and concepts are redesigned, and appear as entirely new versions of themselves. There are also several new series' published using these properties.[2]


After the pseudo-reboot DC Rebirth, the presence of Wildstorm characters in the DC Universe was mostly removed (with some exceptions, such as Midnighter and Apollo). Frequent WildStorm Productions writer Warren Ellis began writing a relaunch of the original universe, called The Wild Storm, featuring a continuity totally independent from both the New 52 and the original timeline, featuring new takes on classic characters. There were two titles with a third title originally planned but was cancelled.

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