"Dog Catcher": Three months after Wild Dog began to target members of the Mob, Don Lupo was in his office, talking to two hitman, demanding that they find Wild Dog. The hitmen, however, claimed that they could not find Wild Dog unless the Don pointed them to him. In

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Wild Dog

Wild Dog Special #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 1989.

Synopsis for "Dog Catcher"

Three months after Wild Dog began to target members of the Mob, Don Lupo was in his office, talking to two hitman, demanding that they find Wild Dog. The hitmen, however, claimed that they could not find Wild Dog unless the Don pointed them to him. In response, the Don angrily kicked the two hitmen out of his office. Lupo's consigliere walked into the room and brought up that Wild Dog did them a favor by wiping out their rival faction within the mob. However, Lupo said that he needed to kill Wild Dog in order to retain the respect of the mob. The consigliere suggested hiring the Catcher, which the Don was reluctant to do, but decided that he may be needed to catch Wild Dog.

Andy Flint came to visit Jack Wheeler in his shop and confronted him about not showing up to meet him at the Bull Pen Bar earlier. However, Jack claimed that Andy did not ask him about showing up. Andy and Jack argued over the latter's actions as Wild Dog; Jack claimed that he killed "scum who kids died because of", while Andy said that he and the police would respond to criminals. Jack cited a bank robbery that happened earlier as a reason why people still needed Wild Dog. Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Catcher was meeting with a man named Mr. Lawson, who gave him half of his payment before killing Wild Dog. In a firing range at Quad Cities, Jack, and Graham were practicing their shooting together. Meanwhile, at the bank, a robbery was still in progress and the bank robbers killed a security guard and a hostage woman. Afterwards, Andy and Graham came with the police to investigate. Outside of the bank was Susan King and her news crew, who were forbidden by the police from entering. David Viewford from CBS approached Susan and asked her about the robberies and Wild Dog and if she would want to host their documentary on urban vigilantes.

Later, that night, Jack met up with Graham, who confronted him about being Wild Dog and attempted to recruit him to work for the government in exchange for a presidential pardon if he were ever caught. Meanwhile, Susan and David were having dinner together, discussing on who could possibly be Wild Dog. Susan stated that her four main suspects were Jack Wheeler, Andy Flint, Graham Gault, and Lou Godder because they all had their own motives for taking on the mantle and because all four of them were present on Arsenal Island when Wild Dog fought against terrorists there. Next, she mentioned that Andy and Lou helped Wild Dog escaped, which ruled them out as suspects, leaving Jack and Graham as the culprits. Later, when Susan and David were in bed together, she told him that she believed that Graham could have been Wild Dog, who could have been using it as a guise for his covert government activities.

The next day, the bank robbers attacked an armored car, killing three guards, but losing one of their own in the process. Meanwhile, Jack, who was in his shop, heard the report of the murders on his radio and rushed to put on his Wild Dog disguise, get in his truck, and drive to pursue the robbers. When the robbers reached the edge of town, they announced their intention to move on to Chicago. Suddenly, Wild Dog caught up to them and opened fire on them with his submachine gun, killing them. Later, Jack, Andy, Graham, and Lou got together where Andy lashed out at Jack for his actions earlier and threatened to apprehend him himself if he did something like that again. When Graham gave the group his idea, Andy began to storm out, only to be held at gunpoint and kidnapped by the Catcher. Later, Jack received a phone call from the Catcher, who told him that he had Andy hostage, that he knew that he was Wild Dog, and that he wanted him to come to him. Next, Jack went to an abandoned warehouse, where Andy and the Catcher were, rappelled up the building, onto the roof, and entered from there, catching the Catcher's attention and pointing his JATI at him. The Catcher informed Wild Dog that he had strapped bombs to Andy, who claimed that the kidnapper was lying. Wild Dog went down to the ground level, where the Catcher informed him that he was hired by the Mob after the Chicago Massacre and that a contact, revealed to be Susan King, when he posed as David Viewford, told him that he might be Wild Dog. Going back to his original intention, the Catcher threw tear gas onto the ground, knocking him unconscious. Next, the Catcher left the building and phoned the mob, informing them that Wild Dog and Andy would be in the warehouse. Later, when the mob arrived at the warehouse and one of the mobsters got close enough to Wild Dog's cage, the vigilante grabbed a gun from the mobster and knocked him unconscious. The other mobster shot at Wild Dog, however, unable to hurt him. Next, Wild Dog, kicked open the cage doors, gunned him down, then freed Andy from his restraints.

Later, at Don Lupo's office in Chicago, he was lashing out at the Catcher over failing to capture Wild Dog. The Catcher, however, claimed that he had kept his end of the bargain and that he would require payment if he was to work for him again.

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  • Organized Crime
    • Don Lupo (First appearance)
    • Consigliere (First appearance)
  • The Catcher (First appearance)
  • Bank Robbers

Other Characters:

  • Len



  • Wild Dog's JATI Submachine Gun
  • Wild Dog's Crossbow


  • Wild Dog's Pickup Truck

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