"Blowed Up Real Good!": The police have referred to the man in the mask who saved Susan King as a "Wild Dog" that should be "shot down in the street." Susan King, on the other hand, described Wild Dog as a hero. Next, Susan interviewed Chief Davis, who described Wild D

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Wild Dog

Wild Dog #2 is an issue of the series Wild Dog (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1987.

Synopsis for "Blowed Up Real Good!"

The police have referred to the man in the mask who saved Susan King as a "Wild Dog" that should be "shot down in the street." Susan King, on the other hand, described Wild Dog as a hero. Next, Susan interviewed Chief Davis, who described Wild Dog as a "bloodthirsty menace." Susan reported that there were numerous warrants issued against Wild Dog. After the news report, Susan sat down with Mr. Hovey and discussed attempting to learn the true identity of Wild Dog.

Meanwhile, Lou Godder was at his home, eating breakfast with his daughter, Steph. Godder asked his daughter if she needed a ride to school; she answered no and added that there was a bus taking her to Mark Twain Junior High in Davenport for the Honor Students' Congress. At a motel room in Davenport, Sidney and Jill, two members of the Committee for Social Change, were standing by the corpse of Dr. Mensa. Sidney intended to impersonate Mensa. At a police station in Davenport, Susan was interviewing Lt. Andy Flint about Wild Dog. Susan and Len were interviewing Flint on suspicion that the police officer was actually Wild Dog. Flint denied the claim and brushed Susan and Len off. Graham Gault overheard the conversation between Flint and Susan, and also assumed that Flint may be Wild Dog. Graham mentioned that the police department has been monitoring the Committee for Social Change, which prompted Flint to assume that Graham was Wild Dog.

Later on, Graham arrived at the shop of Jack Wheeler, who brought up Andy Flint. Jack recalled playing college football with both Andy and Graham. Graham asked Jack about his opinion on Wild Dog. Jack responded that Wild Dog was delivering justice where needed.

At Mark Twain Junior High, Sidney, who was disguised as Dr. Mensa, was shaking hands with Ernest Ernst, the principal of the school. In the gymnasium, numerous students were gathered for the first Honor Students' Congress. The principal introduced "Dr. Mensa", who announced that the real Dr. Mensa had, in fact, been murdered earlier. Next, Sidney opened his jacket, revealing bombs strapped to his body. Sidney promised that the students would not die if they cooperated and if the police and media cooperated. Members of the Committee for Social Change, dressed in green masks, stormed the gymnasium and held the principal at gunpoint. Lou Godder, who had learned of the incident at the school, drove on his way there. Jack Wheeler heard the report of the incident on his radio. Andy Flint and Graham Gault were already outside of the school. Andy handed his gun to Graham and decided to go into the school himself. Andy entered the gymnasium and attempted to negotiate with Sidney. Sidney ordered the terrorists to remove Andy from the gymnasium; the terrorists put the policeman in the janitor's closet.

Sidney announced that he lied about earlier and that only half of them would be able to leave and that the other half would "accompany him into martyrdom". Meanwhile, Wild Dog is on the rooftop of the school, opening a window. After opening a window, Wild Dog shot a crossbow at Sidney's neck and rappelled down into the gymnasium, shooting terrorists. When Wild Dog landed, two terrorists gunned him down, apparently killing him. The two terrorists attempted to grab Wild Dog's body, but the vigilante stunned them with his gloves, which emitted an electric shock. Next, Wild Dog got up and defeated the remaining terrorists and brought Sidney's body outside, where he was met by police aiming their guns at the door. The police decided to let Wild Dog pass, as he was handling explosives. Wild Dog took Sidney's body into his truck and drove him to an abandoned barn. Wild Dog contacted the terrorists and told them his location. The terrorists arrived and were killed by a bomb along with Sidney, as they did not know that there was a bomb in the barn.

Appearing in "Blowed Up Real Good!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Len
  • Police Chief Davis
  • Principal Ernest Ernst (First appearance)
  • Mr. Hovey (First appearance)
  • Coleen McQueen (First appearance)
  • Dr. Theodore Mensa (Single appearance) (Deceased)
  • Joan of Arc
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Jack Ruby


  • Quad Cities
    • Mark Twain Junior High
    • Wheeler's Auto Repair and Customization


  • Wild Dog's JATI Submachine Gun
  • Wild Dog's Crossbow
  • Wild Dog's Stun Glove


  • Wild Dog's Pickup Truck

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