The Wild Huntsman was a primordial elemental force.

One of many personifications of different forces throughout the world, the Wild Hunstman incarnated the hunt. He drove early mankind to band together into societies to protect themselves. Outcasts and loners who found themselves on dark roads at night were his prey and he rarely let prey escape alive. On one such hunt, he inadvertently created Incarnate. Eventually, most of these forces became usurped by humanity; obsolete, they were forgotten.[1]

Dr. Malig helped Chase Lawler summon the Huntsman when Lawler's girlfriend was in trouble. What Dr. Malig didn't mention was that the Huntsman couldn't be sent back when his task was completed. With the Huntsman loosed upon an unsuspecting world, Lawler was forced to confront him. When Lawler's brother Billy was captured by the Huntsman, Chase had to kill his brother to prevent the Huntsman from giving him an even worse death. Chase's action of stealing a quarry from the Huntsman shifted the natural order. Irrelevant once again, the elemental powers of the hunt flowed from the Huntsman into Lawler. Now known as the Manhunter, Lawler used these abilities as a superhero.[2]

Later, Mark Shaw in his Dumas cover killed Manhunter while in the midst of a psychotic episode brought on by Psycho Pirate. Manhunter's death shocked Shaw back to his senses and he quickly revived Manhunter with CPR. The death, however, triggered a transfer of the powers as Shaw became the new inheritor of the Huntsman's powers.[3]

Not all was as it seemed though. The Wild Huntsman was actually only a monster in Lawler's head. Lawler had been deemed an excellent operative for clandestine government agencies and he was injected with Manhunter nanites. The nanites caused Lawler to hallucinate the Huntsman and the government used his delusions to drive Manhunter on his missions. When Shaw appeared and "killed" the Huntsman, it ended that chapter in Lawler's life as Manhunter.[4]




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